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Multiple Plot

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important script information
company name:
Thomas Montagnon
license: Shareware
minimum requirements: MATLAB 7.5 (R2007b)
functional limitations:
Multiple Plot description
multiplot - 2D-line plots on several axes with common x-axismultiplot(XDATA,YDATA,'PropertyName',PropertyValue,...) plots the datastored in the cell arrays XDATA and YDATA in several subplots with a commonx-axis. multiplot also links all generated axes in order to synchronize thezoom along the x-axis. See below for a description of each argument.LINES = multiplot(XDATA,YDATA,'PropertyName',PropertyValue,...) performs theactions as above and returns the handles of all the plotted lines in a cellarray which has the same length as XDATA.[LINES,AXES] = multiplot(XDATA,YDATA,'PropertyName',PropertyValue,...)performs the actions as the first syntax and returns the handles of all theplotted lines in a cell array which has the same length as XDATA and all theaxes handles in a double array.Required inputs and descriptions:XData - Cell array. Contains the X data of the lines. Each cellcontent is similar to to the X variable when you execute plot(X,Y).YData - Cell array. Contains the Y data of the lines. Each cellcontent is similar to to the Y variable when you execute plot(X,Y).Note that YData must be the same length as XData.Property/Value pairs and descriptions:LineSpec - Cell array or char array. If LineSpec is a char array then itspecifies this line spec will be used for all lines. If LineSpec is acell array it must contain only char arrays and each cell will specifythe line spec of the corresponding cell in XData and YData.Note that if LineSpec cell array has less elements than XData and YDatathen line spec will be periodically reused.XLabel - Char array. x-axis label displayed below the bottom axes.YLabel - Cell array. Labels that will be displayed next to the y-axisfor each data.Note that YLabel must be the same length as XData and YData.Title - Char array. Label deisplayed on top of all axes.XLim - Two elements double array. The lower and upper limits for thecommon x-axis of all axes.Example:xdata = {1:20, linspace(-10,25,100), linspace(0,30,25)};ydata = {2000 * rand(1,20) , rand(1,100) , 500 * rand(1,25)};ylabel = {'1st Data','2nd Data','3rd Data'};linespec = {'b-*','r:+','g'};multiplot(xdata, ydata, 'YLabel', ylabel, ...'LineSpec', linespec, 'Title', 'Graph Title', 'XLabel', 'time');
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