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license: Free
minimum requirements: Perl
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BigBoos description
BigBoos is one of the fully open source network monitoring system. It uses standard unix ping command to check the status of hosts as well as the snmp if the ping returns 100% loss.It requires any sql server to store data.It is not based on plain text or any other kind of database.It notifies by playing sound when the ping returns 100% loss for any host which is being monitor and it will keep playing sound until some acknowledge message is not assigned to it.FeaturesFully Open Source Perl Based Project
- Project is FULLY OPEN to every one and it can be redistributed under GNU General Public Licence.It is written under Perl/CGI.

By some minor modification it can be used on any operating system.

Web Based Management and Monitoring

- Whole project is web based , the monitoring , management can be done through web. Project script is fully compatable with IE5 or greater version and Mozilla Firefox 1.0 or greater version.

Web front end can be segregated from background process and database and can be installed on any other machine.All three things The Background scripts, the database and the front end can be installed on seperate three machines.

All data is being saved in sql based database server.You can use any sql server which ever is available and you feel comfirtable.

Alarm notification and Acknowledgement Facility

- This is one of the most important feature of bigboos.If any device is not responding then it will start playing sound alarm until you acknowledege it with some message and it will also store whatever acknowledege has been given with time of acknowledege for report purpose.

Customer Database Facility

- Bigboos maintains records related to customer also.It includes customer accoutn details and contact details.

Trouble Ticket Management

- bigboos maintains two type of trouble ticket for the devices . One which is auto created by system at the time of device not responding second ticket generated by user.

Task Management

- bigbood provides one simple interface to manage tasks.This task modlue can be used to keep the record of installation/disconnect/projects etc.

IP Address Management

- IP adress module porvides the interface to manage the IP Blocks as well as seperate ip addresses.

IDC Server Management

Bigboos users can maintain their/customer server details like Hardware configuration,O/S configuration,IP Address,Mac Address , Rack ,Jack ,Switch etc.

Downtime Reports

- Bigboos maintains downtime reports based on logs saved in database.Through these logs users can create the dowtime report for the devices based on date also.
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