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A1VBCode description

A1VBCode provides hundreds of free Visual Basic source code snippets and applications in all categories.

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CGI4VB (Popularity: ) : Works with any standard 32-bit Windows web server and supports both POST and GET methods. Also allows debugging of your CGI scripts off-line.
The Visual Basic Code (Popularity: ) : The Visual Basic CGI is made up of two modules each containing several sub-routines. The module cgi.bas (which is not presented for viewing) controls the actual interface and must be included in all CGI projects. The second module (in this ...
VB5-CGI Objects (Popularity: ) : iVB5-CGI Objects are three ActiveX-DLL's, which let you develop powerful and fast CGI-scripts with MS-Visual Basic 5. They work with any standard CGI capable Windows 95/98/NT4.0 web server and any web browser. The VB5-CGI Objects come with sample scripts, detailed ...
WebRainbow (Popularity: ) : Lets you create dynamic web content directly using Visual Basic 4 - 6. Your code is "written once, working for all" major web servers running on Windows.
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