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DotNetNukedlTテつ ォ Project FCKeditor Provider
As today, the on-line editor has become one of the most important tools when talking about on-line content editing. This makes the on-line editor one of the most important tools included on the DotNetNukedlTテつォ framework.FCKeditord-OC?D? is one of the best ...
June 6th 2013 Free    1,116k
DotNetNukedlTテつ ォ Project Repository Module
The Repository Module can be used to store a collection of files, images, links or text on a server running the DotNetNukedlTツォ framework. In addition to storing basic object information, the Repository module also allows you to store detailed information ...
May 25th 2013 Free    307k
Forum Module
The barebones definition of a forum is the ability for people to start threads and reply to other people's threads. However, most forum software provides considerably more than this. Most forum software allows more than one forum to be created. ...
May 23rd 2013 Free  2.5 stars 819k
GrabNews for Scripts
GrabNews is ASP code which will 'grab' RDF/RSS/Atom stndicated feeds from the web and display the news items on a web page.It uses XSLT to transform the newsfeeds into HTML and stores the raw RDF/RSS in a database.It features a ...
May 22nd 2013 Free  2.5 stars 31k
Help Module
The Help module suite consists of two integrated modules titled Category and Help. The Category module displays a hierarchical list of categories. Each category has one or more HTML pages (called Tutorials) associated with it. Cicking on a category name ...
May 19th 2013 Free  2.5 stars 102k
XML RSS Content Feed for Scripts
RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a lightweight XML format designed for sharing headlines and other Web content.This VBScript class makes it easy to download and display RSS XML feeds.Features:- Provides object-based properties, collections and methods to simplify the retrieval and ...
May 14th 2013 Free  4 stars 10k
IFrame Module
The IFrame is a browser feature which allows you to display content from another web site within a frame. Within the content of DotNetNuke, the IFrame module allows the embedding of an internal/external URL within the module. Current module features ...
May 5th 2013 Free    31k
Feedback Module
The Feedback Module is one that comes with the core DNN framework and can be used to get feedback from users about something on your website. In its most generic form, it can be used to provide a means by ...
April 29th 2013 Free    102k is driven by fully managed ASP.NET assemblies to ensure optimum performance and reliability.Features:- Driven by fully managed ASP.NET assemblies to ensure optimum performance and reliability.- Multi-DB supported, tested on Access & MS SQL Server 2000 & My Sql 4.0. ...
April 27th 2013 Shareware  2.5 stars 573k
RSS Content Generator for Scripts
RSS Content Generator is a comprehensive website generator from free RSS feeds (news, press releases and articles) to boost up your search engine rankings or make money with Google AdSense or another advertising program.RSS Content Generator can automatically download new ...
April 27th 2013 Free    7,844k
Ajax Uploader Script
Ajax Uploader is an easy to use, hi-performance ASP.NET upload component which allows you to upload files to web server without refreshing the page.It supports ASP.NET AJAX frameworks and works in ajax updatepanel.Ajax Uploader allows you to upload large files ...
April 22nd 2013 Shareware    4,383k
ConquerRSS for Scripts
ConquerRSS allows you to get RSS feeds delivered directly into your web site.This ASP source code is capable of requesting an RSS file from a remote server (only HTTP) and parse the returned XML-file into easy to manage classes.
April 6th 2013 Free    10k
Documents Module
The DotNetNuke "Documents" module presents a list of files within DotNetNuke for download by end users. Documents can be stored within a DotNetNuke portal, or accessed from an external website or portal. Access to documents can be secured using the ...
April 1st 2013 Free    51k
DotNetNukedlTテつ ォ Project Wiki Module
Welcome to the DotNetNuke Wiki Project page! We've released the 04.02.00 version of the Wiki Module, you can download it from the Project Downloads link. For now, you may be asking "What is a Wiki?". Also be sure to check ...
March 28th 2013 Free    154k
CodeAvalanche FreeWallpaper
CodeAvalanche FreeWallpaper is asp forum application which allows webmasters to offer free wallpapers to their visitors.Wallpapers are randomly choosen from database. Images are hosted by free image servers which produce thumbnails, so there is no need for image resize component.
March 18th 2013 Free  2.5 stars 31k
DotNetNukedlTテつ ォ Project Authentication Providers
The Authentication Provider project is actually a collection which includes both the core components and the individual providers for each authentication type. At present the supported providers include Active Directory, LiveID and OpenID.Each member of the Authentication team leads the ...
March 3rd 2013 Free    41k
Events Module
The DotNetNukedlTテつォ Events Module is a module which produces a display of upcoming events as a list in chronological order or in calendar format. Events may have additional information and links can be set to automatically expire on a particular ...
February 26th 2013 Free    410k
NeatUpload Script
The NeatUpload d-OC?D? ASP.NET component allows developers to stream uploaded files to storage (filesystem or database) and allows users to monitor upload progress.It is open source and works under Mono's XSP/mod_mono as well as Microsoft's ASP.NET implementation. It features 2 ...
February 26th 2013 Free  2.5 stars 850k
Open Source Web Application Framework for the Microsoft ASP.NET platform.
February 24th 2013 Free    72k
DotNetNukedlTテつ ォ Project XML Module
The XML module is one of the 10 original modules which have been released as part of the IBuySpy portal. XML module is working in three steps; 1. it queries XML Data, 2. transforms the XML data using an XSL ...
February 21st 2013 Free    41k
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