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Math Questions Generator
This script is a short math questions generator to exercise your brain. Question is XxY=A, X Y=B; X=? Y=?.
May 26th 2012 Free  4 stars  
FlashE is a very simple electronic flash card system written in python. FlashE is very general and is intended to be as well suited to vocabulary training as math or Biology. The quiz files can be edited or shared.
May 25th 2012 Free     
Drag and drop to columns - quiz script
The goal of the quiz is to drag the nodes from the big left side column and drop them where they belong. Example: Oslo should be moved Norway, Notre Dame to France, Mississippi to United States etc.
May 20th 2012 Free     
JavaScript Quiz
This script provides you a simple quiz which gives the reasoning for each answering.
May 20th 2012 Free     
LimeSurvey 1.80 RC4 /
LimeSurvey is a PHP-based web application that allows you to develop and publish online multi-question multi-lingual surveys. In addition to a large range of question types, and presentation methods, LimeSurvey also allows for survey branching (ie: conditional questions), quota support, ...
May 19th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
Spotter is a program that lets students check their answers to math and science questions. It handles symbolic as well as numerical answers.
May 13th 2012 Free     
Drag and drop - quiz script
This is a useful script for teachers and others who wants to show a quiz on their web page. In this script you have columns with questions and answers. Your goal is to drag answers to the empty boxes. Example: ...
April 19th 2012 Free  5 stars  
Quiz Engine
This script allows users to make custom, very flexible quizzes to that can be used on the web. It's easy to add questions or change answers.
April 15th 2012 Free     
Simple Javascript Quiz Script
Simple Javascript Quiz Script allows you to setup a quiz on your website. At the end of the quiz it presents you the correct answers.
April 15th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
iBDC is a Cocoa application on Mac OS X for Chinese people to learn English interatively. It aids the learning by displaying words in flash card like action, and it also provides the quiz feature in multiple choice style.
April 14th 2012 Free     
Basic JavaScript Quiz
This script helps you to create quizzes for tutorials, online classes, or other subjects.
March 24th 2012 Free     
Quizmaster provides you quizzes that have multiple guess questions and tells you what are the closest answers. It is a CGI script designed to let webmasters create their own quizzes. After you answer the questions, you will see the score ...
March 23rd 2012 Free     
Super Simple Survey!
I've always wanted an easy way to do flexible, custom surveys without having to setup a complex mySQL front end. Therefore this script was born.Some PHP knowledge is helpful, HTML definately is useful if you want something outside of the ...
March 23rd 2012 Free     
Zoki Test
Zoki Test script allows to create your own online tests on any website.Features: - Don't require DataBase (optional) - No page reloading - Based on AJAX (asynchronous requests for data) - Does not overload server - HTML generates and inserts ...
March 20th 2012 Free     
JavaScript Quiz Machine
This self-grading JavaScript Quiz will allow your visitors to test their knowledge of a subject related to your site. And not only does this script automatically calculate a letter grade, but it also lists references for wrong answers and only ...
March 19th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
an online, cross-platform CMS for Pre Lecture Exercises (PLEs) or other quiz related materials using PHP, Javascript, and Mysql. Through the web interface, the program allows the creation of assignments with only a limited knowledge of html.
March 12th 2012 Free     
Instant-grading multiple choice quiz
Instant-grading multiple choice quiz is a JavaScript quiz script with instant grading. The script can accommodate an unlimited number of questions, and is VERY easy to update, since all editing is done through an external data file. The script is ...
March 10th 2012 Free  3 stars  
ExamServer is used to test the candidate skills. ExamServer is a server used to conduct online exam for the candidates. It stores bunch of questions in MySQL database. The questions are retrieved and displayed randomly using PHP with help of ...
March 6th 2012 Free  3 stars  
Mongwell Easy Quiz Maker
Online personality quizzes have become a popular attraction on the web. They're just as unscientific as magazine quizzes, but they're also a ton of fun.

Online personality quizzes ask you a number of questions to fit you into a range of ...
March 1st 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
Crifano Quiz
The Crifano Quiz Component is a software that lets you create your own internet quizzes. It's very easy to use and even a beginner may create high quality quizzes. Use the randomize attribute to make each quiz different each time ...
February 11th 2012 Free     
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