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BetaMedecine program is able to store medicines in an organized way...
May 21st 2013 Free    20k
knoda Script
knoda is a database frontend for KDE. It is based on hk_classes and is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).Knoda allows you to:- define and delete databases;- create, alter and delete tables,indices and referential integrity;- add, change and ...
May 6th 2013 Free    4,516k
MorkParser is an efficient C implementation of Mozilla's Mork database format reader. It is dependent on Trolltech Qt, but this dependency can be easily removed.Mork is a type of file format used by browsers based on Gecko engine that allows ...
May 3rd 2013 Free    20k
FlameRobin Script
FlameRobin is a lightweight and cross-platform administration and management GUI for the Firebird DBMS.Features:- lightweight (small footprint, fast execution)- cross-platform (Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, Solaris)- dependent only on other Open Source software
April 28th 2013 Free    850k
Bond Script
Bond is a rapid application development framework for building applications for the linux desktop and the web. Using bond you can quickly build database forms for Gnome Linux, or the web via standard HTML and AJAX or for windows using ...
April 27th 2013 Free  3 stars 4,547k
MySQL table patcher Script
This script reads a table creation file (tables.sql) and compares it to what mysqldump gives, and creates SQL clauses to update the database to match the creation file.
March 7th 2013 Free    31k
DBAComp is an easy-to-use graphical tool for Oracle database administration. It allows to visualise the content of the data dictionary of Oracle databases.It does this in a way that allows you to drill down from one item of information to ...
January 21st 2013 Free    502k
Database Architect Script
Database Architect is intended to be a powerful and easy to use tool for designing database schemas. It provides a visual design mode from which you can create, modify, and relate tables to one another. Its underyling architecture provides a ...
December 31st 2012 Free    236k
AnyMeal Script
AnyMeal is a Linux recipe database software developed using MySQL and XML.It can manage a cookbook with more than 100,000 recipes, thereby allowing to search, display, edit, import and export them. AnyMeal is designed to be lean and flexible. AnyMeal ...
December 17th 2012 Free    1,065k
SQLiteDBMS Script
SQLiteDBMS is a database management server for SQLite. It allows an sqlite3 process to be accessed via a TCP/IP network.It provides Extended SQL, SSL, basic authentication, query caching, WebDAV, access control, and replication.
December 12th 2012 Free  2.5 stars 430k
AnyMeal is a Linux recipe database software developed using MySQL and XML. It can manage a cookbook with more than 100,000 recipes, thereby allowing to search, display, edit, import and export them. AnyMeal is designed to be lean and flexible. ...
May 19th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
Packet2sql will convert any text file/log file which contains ipchains packet logs into a stream of SQL inserts which can be used as the base for a firewall-analyzing database application.
May 16th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
Emdros is an Open-Source text database engine for storage and retrieval of analyzed or annotated text.
Emdros has wide applicability in fields that deal with analyzed or annotated text. Application domains include linguistics, publishing, text processing, and any other fields ...
May 15th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
Flat File Database Search Engine
Keep track of all the backups you make of data on CDs from your computer.
May 15th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
Duro is a relational database library.Features: - Tuples and tables (relvars). - Relational algebra: RENAME, select (restrict), project, EXTEND, JOIN, SEMIJOIN, UNION, INTERSECT, MINUS, SEMIMINUS, SUMMARIZE PER, DIVIDEBY PER, WRAP, UNWRAP, GROUP, and UNGROUP. - Virtual tables (views). - Locking ...
May 9th 2012 Free     
Oracle Berkeley DB
Oracle Berkeley DB is the industry-leading open source, embeddable database engine that provides developers with fast, reliable, local persistence with zero administration. Oracle Berkeley DB is a library that links directly into your application. Your application makes simple function calls, ...
May 1st 2012 Free     
Bonddb is a object oriented wrapper for postgresql SQL. It's a fast data abstraction layer written in C for C/C applications to allow easy access to class objects.
Bonddb is not a stand alone object oriented database, but works on top ...
April 25th 2012 Free     
The druid is a tools that allows users to create databases in a graphical way. The user can add tables, fields, folders to group tables and can modify most of the database options that follow the SQL-92 standard. In addition ...
April 23rd 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
TOra is a Toolkit for Oracle which aims to help the DBA or developer of database application.Main Features: - Handles multiple connections. - Asynchronus database communication. UI mostly responsive when accessing database. - Requires no installation on the database side ...
April 23rd 2012 Free     
PostGIS Script
PostGIS adds support for geographic objects to the PostgreSQL object-relational database. In effect, PostGIS "spatially enables" the PostgreSQL server, allowing it to be used as a backend spatial database for geographic information systems (GIS).
April 22nd 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
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