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Xlib - mouseMove
Move the mouse using coordinates currentX x, currentY y
May 27th 2012 Free     
Finding Square Root upto 250 Digits
This program finds square roots of numbers with upto 250 places of precision.
May 26th 2012 Free     
Read multiple usernames and passwords
This one can read from a file contain thousands (potentially) of usernames and passwordsmake a file labeled "usernames.txt" and a file labeled "passwords.txt". The fromat for them is like this. user usera userb then in the pass file: pass passa ...
May 26th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
Files-illustrati on
Program to illustrate the inputting and displaying of data using files concept in c .
May 24th 2012 Free     
Quick sort
Quicksort demo containing reuseable methods for quicksorting integer arrays. The program uses the middle item in the array as the pivot value.Because the array is filled with random numbers this should give a reasonable pivot value each time (i.e. hopefully ...
May 24th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
Decimal to Hex Convertor
Converts a Decimal Number into Hexadecimal through the Command Line.
May 23rd 2012 Free     
Program to solve a quadratic equation
May 23rd 2012 Free     
Stopping Output Window
Output windows remains open until you press enter.
May 23rd 2012 Free     
RLE Example
An example of an RLE program. Since it uses an RLE algorithm, it might make the file bigger instead. This version seems to run slow when large files are crammed into it.Just send the file name in the command line. ...
May 22nd 2012 Free  5 stars  
Implement few functions of cstring library
How to implement few functions of cstring library.
May 21st 2012 Free     
Printing Numbers in Ascending and Descending order
This recursive function prints numbers in ascending and descending order.
May 21st 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
school fees
Produces the work done by cashier. Enter valid inputs only.
May 21st 2012 Free     
String Things
Searches the passed string for the first instance of control; case-sensetive Parameters: str = string to be compared control = string to find within the comparison string Returns: Returns how many characters into the string the control was encountred, -1 ...
May 20th 2012 Free     
Interactive game using cin
An interactive program using std::cin, std::cout, while loop and switch which will take from user no. 0 to 9 and print the number in characters. (eg. if user inters 0 the program shall respond You Have Entered : ZERO)
May 19th 2012 Free     
Bubble Sort
Bubble sort demo containing reuseable methods for bubble sorting arrays. The program uses the bubble sort methods on arrays of between 1 and 100 pieces of data and prints the number of comparisons made each time. The count variable keeps ...
May 18th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
Hotel Administration
Helps in administration of hotels.
May 18th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
Daily Countdown Display
A countdown reminder message on windows startup.
May 16th 2012 Free     
libPortableCorou tine test
A program to test libCoroutine
May 15th 2012 Free     
sort array using recursion
This code sorts an array using recursion.
May 15th 2012 Free     
Parse a SSN
This program contains a function that will parse a cstring for a valid US-SSN.
May 12th 2012 Free     
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