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MultiDB Express
Create a 1,000+ searchable databases with this easy to use interface. Connects to MySQl. Each DB has its own username/passsword registration. Now hooks directly into card services, with additonal account setup and display options. Features templates for design.
December 21st 2005 Commercial  2.5 stars  
This allows you to generate custom, searchable databases with unlimited searchable fields(keyword or selection based). Creates add.html and search.html interfaces automatically. Admin interface allows search and delete of records quickly.
December 19th 2005 Commercial     
indexsoft MySQL backups manager
Save and restore your MySQL databases. It is very simple and convenient to use. Make backup copies of databases in the indicated directory of your hosting service provider and control unlimited backups you created of unlimited databases. Also pack/unpack backups, ...
December 18th 2005 Commercial     
FutureSQL Web Database Program
FutureSQL is a Rapid Application Development web database admin program. Setup config files to view, edit, delete and process records from a MySQL database. It uses a data dictionary, config files and HTML templates, and allows "pre-processing" and "post-processing" on ...
December 18th 2005 Free  3.5 stars  
Web Application Builder
This builder can be modified easily into a customized MySQL-driven web application. The application created is integrated with add/view/delete/modify/search/advanced search functions, password authorization, user permissions and built-in email support. Database table structure is generated automatically during setup.
December 17th 2005 Commercial     
MySQL Mate
Manage and view the contents of multiple MySQL databases. Easily back up and restore multiple tables simultaneously to a server or your hard drive.
December 17th 2005 Commercial  3 stars  
Mysql editor
Enables you to view and edit the contents of a mySQL database. However, it does not support modifying the database structure.
December 16th 2005 Free     
EyB (EdityourBase) is a full-featured database manager that provides a web interface to add, remove, modify, and view records in an Oracle or mySQL database.
December 15th 2005 Commercial  2.5 stars  
Admin that lets you control MySQL tables and create custom Perl Scripts to search your MySQL tables. Designed for the novice.
December 13th 2005 Commercial     
Bounced Mail DB
This script reads a pre-defined bounced mail file and gathers email addresses that have bounced back to the mail server. The script writes email addresses to a text file, and deletes the records from a MySQL database. Sends admin notice ...
December 12th 2005 Commercial  2.5 stars  
Webdata Pro
Webdata PRO is a simple yet powerful interface to MySQL. Features include: image uploading, shopping cart, member profiles, templates, unlimited report layouts, easy table relationship management, and one-click table importing. Absolutely no programming or SQL knowledge required.
December 10th 2005 Commercial     
MySQL Web Client
This program provides an easy to use graphical interface to access a MySQL database engine. It can be accessed from a web browser anywhere, with no special programs required.
December 9th 2005 Commercial     
Perl Studio
A set of Perl scripts that create forms, SQL databases, and HTML templates. Once installed on your server, Perl Studio can create all the necessary files to process your form, insert the info into an SQL database, and search and ...
December 8th 2005 Commercial  2.5 stars  
MySQL Backup and Restoration Utility
Backup your MySQL database and restore hundreds of MB of data in minutes. This utility can be automated by cron to run as often as you wish.
December 7th 2005 Commercial  3.5 stars  
MySQLMan is a web-based database management solution that allows you to perform tasks such as browse, add, modify and delete databases, tables, columns, keys and more from your mySQL server.
December 6th 2005 Free     
AtomicSoft EasyData/SQL
A web-based database management solution which uses a SQL server for data retrieval and storage. It features image/binary fields handling, categories, powerful search, automatic record expiration, template-based layout customization, moderation, access restriction, voting, comments, mass mailing, and more.
December 5th 2005 Commercial  2.5 stars  
Mysql Data Manager
This program provides an advanced user friendly interface with Mysql server, allowing database management and direct data editing without using command lines. Includes a print feature, export and import functions, access control, a help link, and installation via a graphical ...
December 2nd 2005 Commercial  2.5 stars  
Nahonix csMyBack
Easily allows you to backup your invaluable MySQL databases within seconds. Comes with easily customizable templates to change the look and feel of the program. With Cron tab it will automatically back up all stored backup procedures. Easy to use ...
December 1st 2005 Commercial  2.5 stars  
This script enables developers to instantly write scripts for MySQL and Oracle database servers. It features multiple platform support, online image processing, automated form data validation and more.
December 1st 2005 Commercial  2.5 stars  
Table Croozer
Quickly and efficiently search through large MySQL tables from your web browser. You can view, search and sort through tables in any MySQL database, store views, ignore columns and more.
November 30th 2005 Free  2.5 stars  
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