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This is a Perl module for parsing XML documentsThe module actually uses the XML::Parser::Expat module, a low level interface to the Expat library.
May 30th 2013 Free  2.5 stars 236k
Otl Script for HTML Tools
This script allows you to quickly generate an HTML document (e.g., lecture notes, outlines, handouts, etc.) from a simple text document.otl converts a text file written in a user-specified syntax to a second text file with user-specified markup. The default ...
May 16th 2013 Free  2.5 stars 154k
The PrimeBase Driver for DBI was created by taking the ODBC driver and converting it so that it used the PrimeBase API instead of ODBC. The Oracle and mysql DBDs were also used as a reference while doing this.
May 6th 2013 Free    369k
Audio::DB consists of a series of modules for creating relational databases of music files directly from data stored in ID3 tags or from flatfiles of information of track information. Once created, Audio::DB provides various methods for creating reports and web ...
April 30th 2013 Free  2.5 stars 61k
HTML To XHTML Converter for HTML Tools
HTML To XHTML Converter converts HTML pages into XHTML pages.
April 29th 2013 Free  2.5 stars 10k
Grutatxt for HTML Tools
Grutatxt is a plain text to HTML (and other formats) converter.It succesfully converts subtle text markup to lists, bold, italics, tables and headings to their corresponding HTML, troff, man page or LaTeX markup without having to write unreadable source text ...
April 23rd 2013 Free  2.5 stars 31k
Markdown for HTML Tools
Markdown is a text-to-HTML conversion tool for web writers.Markdown allows you to write using an easy-to-read, easy-to-write plain text format, then convert it to structurally valid XHTML (or HTML).Thus, d-deDUMarkdownd-deDt is two things: (1) a plain text formatting syntax; and ...
April 21st 2013 Free  2.5 stars 20k
SOAP::Lite for Perl is a collection of Perl modules which provides a simple and lightweight interface to the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP, also known as Service Oriented Access Protocol) both on client and server side.Features- Supports SOAP 1.1 spec.- ...
April 12th 2013 Free    266k
Simple DB
This is a very simple imitation of a relational database like MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL, etc.It uses the same SQL query and commands to function.
April 10th 2013 Free  2.5 stars 10k
MySQLBackup Script
Each database can be restored via the MySQL command line tool by calling gzipped archive.The tables of each database being backed up are locked, preserving data integrity.While this does temporarily prevent writes to the tables, the impact is reduced by ...
April 6th 2013 Free  2.5 stars 10k
DBD MaxDB is the MySQL MaxDB database driver for the DBI module.
March 30th 2013 Free  2.5 stars 82k
BizDB is a flexible and affordable Web database software with the ability to store, search and report thousands of records and images. The software is also powered by numerous add ons which can help you setting up your e-commerce database ...
March 23rd 2013 Free  2.5 stars 123k
Simple Database Script
With this software you can make simple SQL queries to a MySQL database without knowing too much SQL.This software uses Perl/Tk for the graphical interface.Usage- Install the included DBD-mysql-3.0008.tar.gz and Tk-804.027.tar.gz Perl modules if you don't already have them or ...
March 23rd 2013 Free  2.5 stars 6,011k
Apache Xerces Perl XML Parser
XML::Xerces is the Perl API to the Apache project's Xerces XML parser. It is implemented using the Xerces C++ API, and it provides access to most of the C++ API from Perl.Because it is based on Xerces-C, XML::Xerces provides a ...
March 19th 2013 Shareware    287k
Mysql Data Manager Script
Mysql Data Manager (shortly MDM) is multifunctional and multiplatform web based mysql administration tool and data editor. This is a CGI script written in Perl. It uses web browser based GUI, which provides a complete set of high-level and low-level ...
March 10th 2013 Shareware    92k
URLsize for HTML Tools
This script returns the file size of an HTTP URL. It doesn't work on other types of URLs (e.g. FTP, FILE, or LDAP), just HTTP. Works using just the standard Perl distribution, no extra modules needed.
March 6th 2013 Free  2.5 stars 10k
Latemp for HTML Tools
Latemp is a powerful, integrated framework for maintaining static HTML web-sites.Features:- Portable. Runs on all UNIX Systems (including Mac OS X) as well as on Microsoft Windows using the cygwin UNIX emulation.- Generates Static HTML Files.- Allows sites to have ...
March 5th 2013 Free  2.5 stars 20k
HTML::Merge for HTML Tools
HTML::Merge is an embedded HTML/Perl/SQL tool used to create dynamic web content. It uses a configuration file to retrieve information about database connectivity and debugging. It has an embedded debugging tool and on-line configuration.
March 3rd 2013 Free  2.5 stars 184k
Entity for XML Tools
Entity is an engine that allows you to build applications from XML with embedded scripting languages. Once interpreted, the XML nodes become objects which can be manipulated by various scripting languages. Supported languages include python, perl, tcl, javascript and C ...
February 26th 2013 Free    737k
makeHTML for HTML Tools
makeHTML is a tool which helps the webmaster of complex web pages and allows the full control of the generated source.
February 21st 2013 Free  2.5 stars 20k
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