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Ccnet is a platform for developing P2P collaboration applications, for example, a decentralized '''google docs'''. It provides basic P2P services such as peer management, group management, message delivery in the form of a daemon processor.
August 13th 2013 Free    1,096k
Composite Framework for Eclipse
The project will host the eclipse extension points and osgi services that will be used to create an open composite application framework for Eclipse RCP and Lotus Expeditor
August 13th 2013 Free     
ctypes for java
An easy to use package that would allow to load a native dll, link its functions to a java interface and then invoke those functions by calling the java interface methods.The package would allow definitions structs, unions, arrays, pointers and ...
August 13th 2013 Free     
DLWrapper is a POSIX Dynamic Linking Library API wrapper for windows
August 13th 2013 Free    130k
DrupalXmlRpc .NET
A framework created in Visual Studio 2008 that helps integrate .NET 3.5 into Drupal's XmlRpc service. XmlRpc is written by Charles Cook and can be found here (
August 13th 2013 Free    180k
Perl library for asynchronous I/O in lambda style
August 13th 2013 Free    68k
The JSGoodies is a javascript binding ,validation,xml and AJAX framework.
August 13th 2013 Free     
Lamp Library
A .NET physics modeling and simulation library aiming at modularity, flexibility and extensibility. "Lamp" stands for "Lamp abstract managed physics"
August 13th 2013 Free     
MOTTeam JS Framework
Project for Vietnam developers write JS web application, and run it on everywhere.
August 13th 2013 Free     
Phleet is high performance, efficient framework for PHP, designed around proven concepts demonstrated through various other frameworks. It is written as a C extension, with an MVC design, and may act as a full framework or a "glue" framework.
August 13th 2013 Free     
Python Integrated Parallel Programming EnviRonment (PIPPER), Python pre-parser that is designed to manage a pipeline, written in Python. It enables automated parallelization of loops. Think of it like OpenMP for Python, but it works in a computer cluster
August 13th 2013 Free    428k
pysqlite2 interface
It's a python module used to interface the pysqlite2 library
August 13th 2013 Free     
Python bindings for Mythtv
Pymyth is a set of python bindings for the mythtv application, a full featured PVR.
August 13th 2013 Free     
RealPHP is a "anti" Framework. It does _not_ aim to suit anybody but in fact to suit those using PHP in a actual production environment (which includes >PHP5.3, SEO optimizied URL-handling, etc.).
August 13th 2013 Free     
Sistema de Gerenciamento Hospitalar
Sistema de Gerenciamento Mdico Hospitalar
August 13th 2013 Free     
This is a simple framework which can provide basic undo/redo operation!It's also an implementation of memento pattern.
August 13th 2013 Free     
Validation4gwt provides light weight pure java validation framework for gwt web framework.
August 13th 2013 Free     
Web Automation Framework
This is a web automation framework containing multiple technologies combined to work together.It contains:- Selenium- TestNG- ReportNG- SimpleXML - Java- Sikuli- Flash-selenium
August 13th 2013 Free    30,747k
ZanPHP is an agile Web application development framework written in PHP5 that uses different design patterns and best practices to create applications more quickly with good quality code.
August 13th 2013 Free    891k
bd Container
The bd-Container is an Java implementation of OSGi framework which is an simple (well not so simple :) ) non-remote component container spec. With a little difference. Groovy is used in components to make component substitution more dynamic.
August 12th 2013 Free     
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