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Feature Modeling Plug-in
Feature Modeling Plug-in is a tool for modeling the features (requirements) of a product line and configuring products. Product configuration is supported by automatic choice propagation and conflict resolution. Visit Home Page for papers, demo, HOW-
August 13th 2013 Free    1,404k
Java Heat Wave
A simple simulation of heat transfers in a cross sectional area. The area will be a container or building of some kind. The area will be drawn as materials such as air, water, wood, concrete, glass, earth(dirt) etc.
August 13th 2013 Free     
Language for Executable Models
The Language for Executable Models (LEM) is a text-based representation for Executable/Translatable UML models. This project also includes a "verifier" for executing these models.
August 13th 2013 Free     
I want to create an interactive web-based UML documentation solution to enable developers to interactively create a combination of graphical and textual software development documents for collaboration.
August 13th 2013 Free     
Bogor-PubSub is a set of extensions to the Bogor model checker enabling accurate, automatic verification of Publish-Subscribe infrastructures.
August 12th 2013 Free    945k
System for generation of interactive help using predefined task model.
August 12th 2013 Free     
Mantikhor is an *information representation* language. Like RDF, it models information as directed-edge arc-node graphs, although Mantikhor's use of such constructs is more structured and constrained.
August 12th 2013 Free     
Nmdepend is a lightweight 'link-time' dependency analyzer for C++. It uses object files and libraries instead of source-code as input. It can help to manage 'cross-directory' dependencies. Dependencies can be visualized in combination with Graphviz.
August 12th 2013 Free    26k
This project targets to develop a visual UML editor for the popular Eclipse IDE. The visual UML editor plugin is fully compatible with the Eclipse Framework and allow developers easily to model and document their software through the UML2 diagrams.
August 12th 2013 Free    1,327k
Cataquavice Framework
A openArchitectureWare based Generator for deriving a WS-Agreement document from a formal description of a (Web-)Service and its associated assertions (SLO) to Quality Of Service (QoS). You can use predefined QoS parameters as well as introduce new ones.
August 11th 2013 Free    119,376k
A Model to Model transformation engine that executes transformations in a live- and bi-directional manor.Support for multiple languages, a 'QVT Core' (incl. OCL) compatible language, a java-like declarative syntax, etc.
August 11th 2013 Free     
1chipMSX Unofficial Firmware Pack
August 11th 2013 Free     
PIMed is a tool for the creation of presentation models and presentation interaction modelsOnce models have been created the tool can be used to generate abstract tests from these models, and also to export presentation interaction models (PIMs) as a ...
August 11th 2013 Free    232k
set image plane
Sets Imageplane for your Autodesk Maya scene file, for the 3d Model you are working on.You must have this code in the shelf button :try: reload(setimgpln)except NameError: import setimgpln
August 11th 2013 Free     
System Architecture Description Language (Sys-ADL) is a visual language to describe architectures of a system. It has basic elements that are combined to each other creating structures and communications. You can see more information about Sys-ADL in This project ...
August 11th 2013 Free     
ArchiMate Omnigraffle stencils
This is a set of Omnigraffle Stencils and Templates to work with the Archimate Framework. Please note that to use the ArchiMate trademark commercially you also require an associated ArchiMate license.
August 10th 2013 Free  2.5 stars 17k
Model Analysis Framework
This research project seeks to use compiler techniques to perform an attribute-based data-flow analysis on (MOF/UML)models allowing for a syntax-driven validation of a model's static semantics as well as an abstract interpretation of i dynamic behavior.
August 10th 2013 Free  2.5 stars  
UPPAAL PARMOS (UP) is a parameter sweep application built specifically for UPPAAL, with the ability to distribute parameter sweeps across multiple computing resources, such as large clusters or cloud computing resources. UP also provides the ability to direct the parameter ...
August 10th 2013 Free    550k
Ant Task Dependency Viewer
A NetBeans plugin that allows you to view the ant script of an ant based project as a hierarchical graph.
August 9th 2013 Free     
Koolon is a simple graph (network) modeling tool with interactive data visualization like Prefuse. It allow to create entities, relations, ontologies, directed and undirected graphs and any abstract network models.
August 9th 2013 Free    78k
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