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open Flash Chart with Javascript
open Flash Chart library made by javascript
August 13th 2013 Free     
A DML client for MySQL. This shell takes bash like commands and executes them on top of MySQL. This comes very handy for people just checking out some data out of MySQL.
August 13th 2013 Free  2.5 stars  
An easy to use client and verifier for WebID IDPs
August 13th 2013 Free  2.5 stars  
Open Source IM and voice client using Jabber and SIP protocols, with great audio quality thanks to speex and a nice and clean interface. Programmed in Java and C++. It supports chat, voice and file transfers.
August 12th 2013 Free    7,759k
J3dViz is a five graphical Java Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for viewing of three dimensional structures of protein from the Protein Data Bank.
August 12th 2013 Free     
Este projeto educacional tem o objetivo de criar um sistema operacional virtual, acessvel a usurios cadastrados. Nele ser disponibilizado uma gama variada de aplicativos teis no dia-a-dia de um escritrio e de um usurio domstico comum.
August 11th 2013 Free     
This is a project for restarting the computer into an operating system that you chose and present on your machine according to the grub.
August 11th 2013 Free     
A simple screenshot to Mediawiki server image uploader
August 11th 2013 Free     
QuickML is a braced markup language designed to be quickly implemented into applications and games. It uses a simple attribute and node declaration system to speed up the data-driven development process.
August 10th 2013 Free     
Thread Dump Viewer
Thread dump viewer is a powerful tool for thread dump analysis. Opens thread dumps from Sun JDK for Windows and Solaris, HP JDK and IBM JDK for Windows, Linux and AIX.
August 10th 2013 Free    134k
Flash Hacking Studio
Flash hacking studio is a tool that easily creates all your flash hacks
August 9th 2013 Free     
Jigen - Java Installer Generator
Jigen is a powerful Windows installer for java projects.It packages the java project in an executable that shows the license to the user, lets the user select a JVM and an installation path and installs the program with shortcuts and ...
August 9th 2013 Free     
JSParserCreator Library
Libreria de javascript para crear parsers de lexico y sintaxis para cualquier lenguaje que uno proponga. Utiliza javascript compatible con IE y Firefox y puede ser usado para validacion de texto.
August 9th 2013 Free     
OO GetOpts for Java
This project is an OO-centric design of getopts, based on the standard python implementation of getopts. C-style loop calling of getopts is not OO and does not take advantage of Java's standard library.
August 9th 2013 Free     
Source Switch
Source Switch is a plugin for Notepad++ that allows an easy switch between project source and header files. Various current supported extensions with more to be added in the future.
August 7th 2013 Free    46k
Elfin DataChannel
A component for data access in a graceful way. The component hides real access to data source behind, and provides interfaces for any application.
August 6th 2013 Free     
Simple WiiMote
Simple WiiMote (SWM) is a library that simplifies interaction with the wiimote in homebrew development for the wii. Its goal is to cut out all the extra, unnecessary code in your applications.It is built off of wiiuse.
August 6th 2013 Free     
Public Access Unix System Scripts
A collection of scripts for hosting a PAUS
August 5th 2013 Free     
Text to Image Converter
For several purposes of our OCR research we needed a converter that can generate an image from any given Bangla/ Bengali text. One of the reasons was to prepare artificial training and testing data. For this reason we finally created ...
August 5th 2013 Free  2.5 stars  
C++ Math Helper Class
An math helper class to C++.It is designed for decreasing the code size.Developers, testers and ideas wanted.
August 3rd 2013 Free     
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