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File Downloader for Download Managers
File Downloader is unique mass download solution for your sites. It enables end-users to download multiple files from your site with just few clicks.They click a button integrated into your HTML page (ActiveX control), select the destination folder, and start ...
June 3rd 2013 Shareware  2.5 stars 922k
stroy for File sharing
stroy is a smart diff tool. For now it specializes on directories of files. Its differentiating feature is the ability to match files which have different names, locations and content. Otherwise it just tries to combine power with ease.Features:Smart matchingstroy ...
June 2nd 2013 Free  2.5 stars 2,294k
JDownload for Download Managers
JDownload is a download manager, which can be installed onto a homepage.Users do not have to install extra software, but can start using the download manager instantly. It is meant for large downloads or downloads which span over a number ...
May 27th 2013 Free  2.5 stars 113k
Advanced Explorer
Complete file manager, dual-panels, with tabs. - create zip archives - zip viewer - picture viewer - directory syncrhonization 4 modes - verify burned CD - create thumbnails - create web pages Binary and source available at Sourceforge.
May 19th 2013 Free    461k
MyFolder for File sharing
MyFolder is a client server software application that helps your organisation share and access folders and documents anywhere.Download and install MyFolder software on a central server. Users access the document server from a java applet. Folders, documents and files are ...
March 12th 2013 Shareware  2.5 stars 5,868k
Phex for File sharing
Phex is a free file sharing program running on the Gnutella Network.Additionally to plain worldwide searching, downloading and sharing files, it enables you to- create private networks- distribute files decentrally- send your file-list to your friendsMain Features:Multi-plattform supportWhether you use ...
February 24th 2013 Shareware  2.5 stars 4,721k
MyDownloader for Download Managers
MyDownloader is a kind of a download manager. With this applet you can easily download multilple files at once. Even entire tree structures can be downloaded. With drag and drop the files can be opened directly within a program.MyDownloader secure ...
January 28th 2013 Shareware  2.5 stars 123k
Virtual Library for File sharing
The Virtual Library (VL) is a web application designed to facilitate peer-to-peer sharing of books (and other media, soon) among groups of people who are located in relatively close physical proximity (e.g. a group of co-workers who work in the ...
January 14th 2013 Free    52,613k
CMIS FileShare
It exposes branches of a file system as CMIS repositories.The implementation won't require more than a simple servlet container to run properly.CMIS FileShare has a small footprint and it can be set up almost everywhere in minutes.
December 25th 2012 Free    7,219k
QuickDownloader for Download Managers
QuickDownloader is a free download manager that allows you to download files up to 300% faster than the normal speed.Features:- Support for multiple Downloads- System Integrity Checkers which ensure that all system critical components exists and are in the correct ...
December 19th 2012 Free  2.5 stars 317k
Important: If you have downloaded WebRider in the past then you should delete your WebRider directory and download this new version 1.1. It fixes some filename problems and allows more control over the depth of the WebRider search. Also I ...
December 19th 2005 Free     
WebCut is a multi-platform compatible script that grabs webpages and save them on your harddisk, preserving graphics, links and frames.
December 17th 2005 Commercial     
Jftp V1.1 (java Ftp Upload Applet)
Jftp V1.1 (java Ftp Upload Applet) is a multi-platform compatible script that provides you with the ease of uploading and downloading files over the internet via FTP from within your very own web enabled applications. Jftp has methods to get ...
December 16th 2005 Commercial     
UnlimitedFTP - java ftp applet
UnlimitedFTP - java ftp applet is multi-platform compatible. Unlimited FTP applet is a full featured FTP client that runs in a web browser. Unlimited FTP applet is the most robust Java FTP applet on the market. Upload/download entire directories, resume ...
December 15th 2005 Commercial     
This applet shows the current number of FTP users at and maximum users since the last reboot. The special server running on port 7101 on is a small hack-interface to ftpcount. The counter is updated every 5 seconds.
November 30th 2005 Free     
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