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CSS3 Photo Gallery
Photo gallery with click-to-enlarge photos, fancy CSS3 rollover effects, and marked up with HTML5.
June 7th 2013 Free  2.5 stars 492k
Fancy Colored Sitemap
Probably overkill for most sitemaps, but this is a neat proof of concept that fades different d-deDUlayersd-deDt of the sitemap to different colors as they are rolled over with the mouse.
June 7th 2013 Free  2.5 stars 72k
SpreadsheetConve rter for Complete applications
At last you can create forms for the web without the help of a programmer. All you need is Microsoft Excel.Your web forms can have embedded calculations and validations. The entered data is collected and made available to you. Typical ...
June 7th 2013 Shareware    5,868k
DHTML rounded corners for HTML Tools
This script adds rounded corners dynamically to elements on your web page. Just specify id of element, size or rounded corners and which corners you want to have rounded.
June 4th 2013 Free    20k
Garage Door Style Menu
Using jQuery and a plugin to help with animating background /examples/images, we are able to make a sliding d-deDUGarage Doord-deDt style menu. The menu code is purely semantic. The UL provides the d-deDUbackgroundd-deDt, the list items provide the d-deDUshuttersd-deDt and ...
June 4th 2013 Free    717k
Middle Box Links
Rolling over a widget darkens it and appends a link directly in the middle.
May 31st 2013 Free    10k
Anything Zoomer
A small area, a hidden large area, and a pop-up zoomer to d-deDUreveald-deDt the larger area as your mouse scrolls over it. [jQuery plugin]
May 29th 2013 Free    143k
Blurry Background Effect
Simple fixed positioning of two separate background images allows for a very neat effect. Like looking through frosted glass.
May 26th 2013 Free    92k
Tigra Scroller for HTML Tools
Tigra Scroller is free javascript widget for web sites that scrolls text or html in the box. Moving content saves the space on the page and attracts visitor's attention.Script is ideal for displaying long lists like hot news, events, slide ...
May 25th 2013 Free    72k
Start/Stop Slider
This is a jQuery based slider which auto-detects the number of d-deDUslidesd-deDt. There are multiple animations per slide, which auto-plays, but has a start/stop button. Very easy to adapt.
May 20th 2013 Free  2.5 stars 287k
Step-by-Step Seminar Registration
As different d-deDUstepsd-deDt of the registration process are completed, the current step gets check off as done and the next step lights up. Includes some very basic form validation.
May 18th 2013 Free  2.5 stars 41k
jsSHA Script
It currently implements these SHA algorithms: SHA-1, SHA-224, SHA-256, SHA-384 and SHA-512.
May 16th 2013 Free  2.5 stars 20k
Dynamic FAQ Page
Nothing incredible with the functionality, the answer section just slides out from underneath the question. The important part is that it is built with the utmost consideration for accessibility and semantics.
May 12th 2013 Free    10k
WT Toolkit for Complete applications
WT Toolkit is a GUI logic toolkit that makes constructing pure or hybrid AJAX applications as easy as constructing desktop GUI applications.
May 10th 2013 Free    1,874k
jQuery Accordion Widget with CSS Sprites
There are four buttons on this example, each of which has three states. That would normally be 12 images (thus 12 server requests), but thanks to the CSS sprites technique it is only one. The technique is demonstrated practically in ...
May 8th 2013 Free  2.5 stars 481k
overLIB for Complete applications
It can be used as a pop-up manager, tooltip engine or any other kind of GUI element library.It can be used to provide the user with information about what will happen when they click on a link.
May 8th 2013 Free    61k
HBorn pages generator for HTML Tools
HBorn provides you a way to generate HTML/javascript pages from simple files as flash movie, text document, video clip, audio file... the file type is autorecognized.You can modify a lot of options in a simple configuration file, in order to ...
May 6th 2013 Free    82k
Ajax tooltip for HTML Tools
This is an Ajax tooltip script. When you roll your mouse over the "info" links in the table, ajax will show tooltip content from external files.
May 3rd 2013 Free  2.5 stars 20k
Apple-Style Flip Counter
My original post detailing how I recreated Appled-deOaos flip-style counter is a popular one, and I get many questions about how to properly implement it. It didnd-deOaot take long before I saw some shortcomings to the original technique I used, ...
May 3rd 2013 Shareware    31k
Filtering Blocks
Choose from a series of links to filter d-deDUresultsd-deDt below.
May 3rd 2013 Free    82k
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