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Arrow onMouseover effect
Arrow onMouseover effect is multi-platform compatible. This script displays an arrow image alongside the link when you move your cursor over the link. Furthermore, the arrow blinks while the mouse is over it. Nice visual effect.
November 26th 2005 Free     
Instant Image Zooming - Any Image
This easy zoom-in/zoom-out script can be attached to any image in your page. The image size will toggle between two sizes you set whenever the image is clicked. The function can be attached to as many images in the page ...
November 25th 2005 Free     
Dissolving Image Rollver
A beefed up version of the classic rollover image, Roy's script adds a dissolving effect during image change in IE4+. The script works across all browsers, though as eluded to, only IE4+ will experience the added transition. Just for the ...
November 23rd 2005 Free     
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