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Image transition manager Script
The image transition manager is a javascript library based on scriptaculous and prototype.It supports several image transitions, such as fading, appearing, sliding, growing and shrinking.Because it uses the unobtrusive javascript technique, no inline javascript is needed and hyperlinks still function ...
June 9th 2013 Free    31k
Image reflection effect Script
This is an image script that applies a "live" reflection below any image, and is superior to the traditional Java rendered effect both in terms of download speed and smoothness.
May 24th 2013 Free    10k
DHTML Scrolling Image Viewer Script
Embeds an image viewer (clickable thumbnails) requiring NO code changes to the webpage.Script allows for right and left scrolling of thumbnails that when clicked opens an auto-resized window for full image view. MANY setup controls available (colors, borders, size, placement ...
May 23rd 2013 Free  2.5 stars 246k
Space Gallery Script
The gallery uses a 3D panes effect. Every time a image is clicked, the front image comes towards the user and fades away, with the other images coming to the front.The clicked image goes to the back of the pane.
May 23rd 2013 Free    205k
Galleria Script
Galleria loads the images from an unordered list and displays thumbnails when each image has completely loaded.It will create thumbnails to chose, scaled or unscaled, centered and cropped inside a fixed thumbnail box defined by a CSS stylesheet.Clean and cut, ...
May 20th 2013 Free    20k
Cross-Fade Anything Script
This is a simple script that will reveal multiple elements one at a time with a cross-fade effect.To set it up all you need is an HTML block element. All immediate descendants become slides.To start the effect you simply have ...
May 9th 2013 Free    420k
jQZoom Evolution for Image Effects
It can be modified to display a mask over the image or not to show an magnifier window.This jQuery plugin helps to embed detailed big images in any website.The script can be applied to single or multiple images on the ...
May 9th 2013 Free  2.5 stars 512k
Gradient Bar Script
This script is a demonstration of how visual effects can be generated using code- and code only. The gradient bar is constructed using lines of javascript code, not pixels of graphic.You can easily modify the bar's gradient colors, it's position ...
May 8th 2013 Free    10k
Gradual Element Fader Script
This is a generic fader script that can be applied to element(s) on the page to make them gradually fade into view when the mouse rolls over them, and fade out when out.Just give the desired elements on the page ...
May 6th 2013 Free    614k
jFlow Gallery Script
Images can be scrolled through the usage of two arrows or any other controls.
April 27th 2013 Free    420k
Zoomimage for Image Effects
The links are unobtrusively highjacked to open the images in a modal popup with drop shadow and border.The script can open multiple imagezoom instances at the same time.Here are some key features of "Zoomimage":dlTE Preloads imagesdlTE The images can by ...
April 15th 2013 Free  2.5 stars 512k
Cursor Changer Script
Cursor Changer script is a background changer that uses the onmouseover command.
April 11th 2013 Free    10k
Lightbox Image Viewer Script
Lightbox Image Viewer 2.0 expands upon Lightbox Image Viewer with a few new features.While the original version is great for viewing images individually on the page, Lightbox 2.0 supports a new "grouping" feature that lets you group related images on ...
April 10th 2013 Free    92k
s3Slider Script
It can be used as a gallery, sldieshow, banner rotator, etc.Tested on:Firefox 2.x (Win)Firefox 3.0.3 (Win/Linux/Mac)Opera 9.6 (Win/Linux)Safari 3.0.3 (Win/Mac)Internet Explorer 6 (Win)Internet Explorer 7 (Win)Google Chrome (Win)
April 10th 2013 Free    573k
Draggable SVG for Image Effects
This script provides user interaction with images saved in a .SVG format.
April 7th 2013 Free  2.5 stars 102k
DOM Image Rollover Script
Image rollovers represent the classic and "timeless" javascript effect. This DOM script makes the process of adding them as simple as can be, by allowing you to apply a rollover to any image through just the insertion of a class ...
April 5th 2013 Free  2.5 stars 41k
Bouncing Slideshow Script
Bouncing Slideshow is a Dynamic HTML script that adds a bouncing picture slideshow effect to your document.The picture moves around at different angles bouncing back and forth off the edges of the browser window. The new pictures in the slideshow ...
April 3rd 2013 Free    102k
Supersized Script
It can automatically resize images to fill browser windows and keep aspect ratio for the displayed image.It can cycle images/backgrounds via slideshow with transitions and preloading. Navigation controls allow for pause/play and forward/back.Here are some key features of "Supersized":dlTE Transitions ...
March 29th 2013 Free    143k
Image Cube for Image Effects
The script has the possibility to add a start and stop command on the cube's transition.Highlights and shadows are used to enhance the 3D effect.A random rotation is chosen each time to move to the next image.
March 24th 2013 Free    10k
DS BGFlag Script
DS BGFlag script displays a background flag effect.There are many adjustable parameters available, as well as a demo source code.The script is very easy to install, use and customize. It provides a very good compatibility with all modern web browsers.
March 15th 2013 Shareware    20k
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