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Blog Lite
Blog Lite is a free php blog script, mobile-friendly and very easy to install.
It allows to create simple blog sites or integrate a blog functionality to an existing site.
Blog Lite comes with an user-friendly administration panel with different options ...
July 2nd 2018 Free    70k
emlog, every memory log, is a powerful and functional personal blog based on PHP and MySQL. It is designed to offer people a fast, stable and easy to use blog.
June 9th 2013 Free  2.5 stars 451k
Wordpressthai edition
WordPressThai Edition: New Thai Translate Package by Assistant Professor Prachid Tinnabutr, Chandrakasem Rajabhat University.
June 9th 2013 Free    3,154k
Grain Theme for WordPress
Grain Theme for WordPress is designed olny for WordPress with wonderful photoblog themes, and the project is based on the YAPB plugin.It uses a mosaic style overview page, has archives, can display exif data, browse to random photos etc. Additional ...
June 7th 2013 Free  3 stars 389k
Farsiweblog is an object oriented, open source, and modular blogging application.
June 5th 2013 Free  2.5 stars 512k
OpenID Blog (Cripts)
OpenID Blog is a simple blogging software written in PHP with OpenID, RSS, and MySQL support. It allows you to easily deploy a blog on your website, providing you a lot of useful features.
June 5th 2013 Free    31k
WPT Blog
Features * Archive Calendar * Last posts * Pagination comments * Captcha antispam images * Smilies * Admin Control Panel * User control panel
June 2nd 2013 Free  2.5 stars 102k
DIY Blog
DIY Blog, a simple blog application. Uses the DIY Framework, Propel with MySQL, and XSLT.It has post listing, archive, search features, as well as administrative interface with a user system. All output is well-formed and (with the default templates) valid ...
May 25th 2013 Free  2.5 stars 2,028k
Alex! TestBlog
Alex test blog is a simple blogging software platform still in development and can be downloaded as open source
May 24th 2013 Free  2.5 stars 3,041k
Open Blog
Open blog is a free and open source blogging platform built using the CodeIgniter PHP framework and released under the GPL v3 license.It provides users with a very powerful yet easy to use interface which makes blogging simple and enjoyable.We ...
May 24th 2013 Free  2.5 stars 2,150k
PonPublish is an API to allow bloggers to cross-post across blogging websites (including their own site, if they have one) through one interface. It contains modules that support MySpace and LiveJournal.
May 22nd 2013 Free    10k
OI.Blogs is an easy-to-use and free blog software. It includes all normal features of a blog and extends beyond them with a social-networking based style, giving your blog users immediate access to Twitter, so you can update your Twitter whilst ...
May 19th 2013 Free    1,413k
SkratchPad is an enhanced and pre-configured version of WordPress for use by projects in order to author, share and maintain information and content.
May 18th 2013 Free  3 stars 2,089k
Social Widget
A beautiful widget that allow you to add a stylish Facebook like box, twitter follow button and a google +1 button to your sidebar. Adds a social widget for your social media account to your wordpress-sidebar. I know, there are ...
May 18th 2013 Shareware  5 stars 31k
Kure is a free PHP Blog software,which is a simple and portable blogging engine written in PHP. It runs on a flat-file database, meaning it stores its posts and information in straight-up text files rather than database systems. No database ...
May 16th 2013 Free  4 stars 31k
Somery is a lightweight weblogging script. It's easy to install, easy to template and even easier to operate. It has full article functionality. as well as comment management, timezone settings, additional pages and an RSS 2.0 syndication feed. Bottom line, ...
May 16th 2013 Free  3.5 stars 41k
BlogMe PHP
BlogMe PHP script allows you to create a blog on your website.Features:- Calendar display for archives.- Permalinks for every posts.- Comments feature for posts (can be disabled or enabled)- BlogRoll, which contains the links of your favourite blogs.- General Links ...
May 15th 2013 Free    41k
Arabic WordPress
Arabic WordPress, arabic version of WordPress bloging software.
May 12th 2013 Free  5 stars 696k
WP Parallel Loading System
If you have an image intensive Blog, or even if you dond-deOaot, this plugin will boost the loading time of your Blog. The more images you have the more it will improve.The amount of people that will visit your website ...
May 12th 2013 Free  2.5 stars 225k
cutenews aj-fork
cutenews aj-fork, a fork of the popular news/blog software CuteNews.The intended use of this software (CN:AJ) is for blogs or small newssites. Think of it as b2-light. Depends on PHP4, thrives on apache and uses flatfiles for data storage.
May 11th 2013 Free  3 stars 297k
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