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Infinite Responder
A cross between a newsletter and autoresponder. It features an admin control panel, confirmed opt-in subscriptions, subscriber imports and several time options.
December 21st 2005 Free  2.5 stars  
A small webmail client that supports sending/receiving attachments. Includes an addressbook. No database required.
December 20th 2005 Free  2.5 stars  
A web-based email system that connects via POP3 or IMAP to remote email addresses. Read, delete or send emails. It supports text, mime and HTML email formats and attachments.
December 19th 2005 Commercial  2.5 stars  
A simple, yet efficient mail reader featuring folders, view/send attachments, preferences, search, quota limit, and more. No database or IMAP required.
December 18th 2005 Free  5 stars  
IMP (Internet Messaging Program) provides webmail access to IMAP and POP3 accounts. Includes search feature and address book and handles attachments.
December 17th 2005 Free  2.5 stars  
MyKazaam Message Confirmed
This script allows users to enter any form variables as they would normally, and the script assigns it a unique ID number. That number is displayed to the user as a confirmation number and appended to the email to you. ...
December 16th 2005 Free  2.5 stars  
A simple script that allows an email message to be sent to a member. A dropdown selection box of the names keeps the emails safe from spam bots.
December 16th 2005 Free     
A simple script to send emails with attachments.
December 15th 2005 Free  4 stars  
This mail client includes HTTP authentication and multiple folders for messages.
December 15th 2005 Free     
Aruntx Email Opt-out
A robust, reliable analytics tool to view intelligence from real-time or historical data for any single email opt-out request, or all email opt-out requests as a group. It uses a flat text database bridge for easy maintenance and back-up.
December 15th 2005 Commercial  2.5 stars  
PHP Send, Receive, & Manage Blind E-mail Accounts
This script allows visitors to send you email from your site while keeping the address hidden. You can respond to the message and keep your address hidden.
December 14th 2005 Free     
A webbased email client that allows you to send HTML emails with font color priority. Available in eleven languages.
December 14th 2005 Free  5 stars  
An IMAP mail client for use with a WAP browser. It supports multiple users with password protection and allows you to store mail in multiple folders, compose and send new mail, delete messages, and browse long emails on multiple pages.
December 13th 2005 Free     
A powerful webbased email program that allows you to offer personal email accounts to your site visitors. Features custom folders, search engine, spam filters, address book, paid subscriptions and more.
December 11th 2005 Commercial     
This web-based e-mail program uses MySQL as the database and has a user-friendly interface which can be customized. It also includes WAP support.
December 11th 2005 Free  2.5 stars  
Alstrasoft Anti-Spam Software
Block spammers from your POP mailbox by email, domain or filter. If you receive mail that is not allowed, the sender is sent an email requiring them to respond before you see the email. You can earn money by offering ...
December 11th 2005 Commercial  2.5 stars  
1st Subscription Manager
A simple way to extract business emails from your POP3 mailbox. When your clients subscribe or unsubscribe using an email with a certain subject, you can use this utility to grab the messages they produced from any POP3 mailbox and ...
December 11th 2005 Free  2.5 stars  
If you send email via Outlook Express or other mailers, this script will tell you when that email is read.
December 10th 2005 Commercial  5 stars  
Leader is a lead/customer mailing manager, built for network marketers but useful in a variety of situations. Sends prospects a series of email messages over time.
December 10th 2005 Commercial     
A basic script to email in plain text or HTML format. Use To, CC or BCC.
December 9th 2005 Free     
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