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BTQueue PHP interface for File sharing
BTQueue PHP interface is a Web interface to control BTQueue BitTorrent client. Written in PHP. Requires web server which understands PHP, and BTQueue BitTorrent client.
April 26th 2013 Free    10k
libtorrent-ruby for File sharing
A Ruby interface for the libtorrent C bittorrent library. You can use it to create bittorrent enabled Ruby programs. Please note that libtorrent-ruby is a library and not a bittorrent tracker, however there is a simple bittorrent tracker provided in ...
April 18th 2013 Free    10k
TorrentInfo for Download Managers
TorrentInfo is a simple command-line tool that parses .torrent files and provides a summary of their contents. By default it shows:- The torrent's name- The URL of the tracker- The torrent's creator- The creation date of the torrent- The number ...
March 14th 2013 Free    10k
ABC Bittorrent Client for File sharing
ABC is an improved client for the Bittorrent peer-to-peer file distribution solution.Features:- Multiple downloads in a single window- Queueing system with priority- Ability to customize the information ABC displays- Supporing pause, stop, resume, queue, remove operations- Minimize to taskbar (and/or ...
February 28th 2013 Free    317k
Tramline for Download Managers
Tramline is an upload and download accelerator that plugs into Apache.Its aim is to make downloading and uploading large media to an application server easy and fast, without overloading the application server with large amounts of binary data.Tramline integrates into ...
January 6th 2013 Free  2.5 stars 10k
Deluge for Download Managers
Deluge is a Bittorrent client written in Python and GTK .Deluge is intended to bring a native, full-featured client to Linux, BSD, and other *NIX GTK desktop environments such as Gnome and XFCE.
January 5th 2013 Free  2.5 stars 399k
ARPEM for File sharing
This project helps professors at university to archive, index and share (with control) their pedagogic objects like flash files, pdf documents, simulations in C, exercices, etc.The sharing process is in totally under control of the owners.
January 2nd 2013 Free    594k
FDSM and Filestruct
Filestruct is a command line tool that will help you keep two directories in different locations in sync. It does that by recording changes in the file structure and recording the differences.From the zip file that it saves it is ...
May 27th 2012 Free     
Where file search utility
This utility searches all the paths in a semi-colon delimited environment variable list for files matching a given filespec. By default, PATH is used for the enviroment. For example, on my computer

C:>where note*.exe
C:WINNTNOTEPAD.EXEThis is useful for finding which executable file ...
May 27th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
File Selection Wrapper
This script shows you a simple Object Oriented way to use regular expressions with a simple include/exclude metaphore to select files on the filesystem. This is just a small part of a project I am working on and thought that ...
May 20th 2012 Free     
Versioning file names
This script has the following action: if the specified file exists, it is versioned by appending to the extension a three-digit number, starting with "000".It's pomp;quot;0ake backups of files before you mangle them. A standard way of doing so is ...
May 20th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
Extracting Windows file versions
This is my attempt at extracting the file version information from .dll, .exe, .ocx files etc. on Windows 2000 (should work with others, but I haven't tested it), without resorting to using extensions (i.e. dll functions).

Put the code in ...
May 19th 2012 Free     
Curses File Manager
Curses File Manager is a curses based filemanager loosely resembling emacs dired mode.
May 18th 2012 Free     
Shuffle Merge Files
This script solves the problem of shuffle-merging files -- interlacing (shuffle-merging) many small text files into one large text file, while preserving the order of the lines from within the small files.In a scientific simulation process, it is not uncommon ...
May 18th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
TorrentInfo is a simple command-line tool that parses .torrent files and provides a summary of their contents. By default it shows: - The torrent's name - The URL of the tracker - The torrent's creator - The creation date of ...
May 18th 2012 Free     
This script is a wrapper for CVS that allows versioning the content of documents. It does not store the original archive in CVS, but it extracts the content into a subdirectory on check-in and commits only those files. That ...
May 17th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
Backup your files
Backup your files script makes backup versions for your files.It can be used for non-python source code also.
May 14th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
File Subclass
If the 'file' object looks for a '.filename.pkl' file which contains the seek offset of the previous end of the file, then this subclass sets the seek offset to that number before returning the file.On closing the file or StopIteration, ...
May 14th 2012 Free     
This script is a cross-platform (posix/nt) API for flock-style file locking. I think this will be most helpful to former Perl users such as myself, who are used to essentially transparent use of the lock() system call across platforms.
May 12th 2012 Free     
ABC Bittorrent Client
ABC is an improved client for the Bittorrent peer-to-peer file distribution solution. Features: - Multiple downloads in a single window - Queueing system with priority - Ability to customize the information ABC displays - Supporing pause, stop, resume, queue, remove ...
May 10th 2012 Free  3 stars  
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