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Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool
Platform-independent PostgreSQL diff tool that is useful for schema upgrades. The tool compares two schema dump files and creates output file that can be used for upgrade of old schema.Project sources and issue tracker has been moved to github.
August 13th 2013 Free  2.5 stars 90k
Generator of EJB 3.0 entity beans modelled on an existing database. Database metadata are read and object relational mapping is created. This process can be customized by properties.
August 13th 2013 Free     
Empusa for iBatis
Code generator for iBatis use. Takes structure of an existing database (using JDBC) an generates sqlMappingConfig file, sqlMapping files and domain objects. Generated files can be regenerated later (changes in DB) with no loss of "hand-made" code.
August 13th 2013 Free    76k
JSquare - Genetic Programming Java Library - Java generating Java
August 13th 2013 Free     
KnownDefects is a simple annotation library for use when writing unit tests against existing code. This annotation can be used to mark the tests that highlight defective behavior. FindBugs can then be used to find all instances of the annotation.
August 13th 2013 Free    791k
PHP Master
Small editor for php script.
August 13th 2013 Free    1,547k
phpoetry - Instant AJAX for PHP5 Objects
phpoetry dynamically exposes your PHP5 class to the browser as JavaScript hooks. It uses reflection, RMI, JSON, and the YUI library for quick and easy AJAX development.
August 13th 2013 Free    5k
SoftWare Installation or Fast Reconfiguration
August 13th 2013 Free     
Brain Relax
Brain Relax is a translator from the BF (BrainF**k) programming language (a Turing-complete language) to other programming languages (such as C, TCL, PHP, Pascal, Perl, Basic, Python, etc.)
August 12th 2013 Free    11k
Code Generator for Eclipse
This project aims to provide a Eclipse plug-in (ch.sahits.codegen) for Java code generation (Wizard). Get up to date with the Update Site for Eclipse:
August 12th 2013 Free    4,830k
flex: the fast lexical analyser
flex is a tool for generating scanners: programs which recognize lexical patterns in text.
August 12th 2013 Free    1,273k
Java.tri project is an effort to build tools to accelerate the development of java web applications. It integrates several other open source projects like hibernate,struts,eclipse with an Model Driven Architecture approach.
August 12th 2013 Free  2.5 stars 242,417k
Open Software Program Coding Standards
Software Program Coding Standards and Guidelines
August 12th 2013 Free     
OVal - object validation framework
OVal is an extensible object validation framework for Java 5 or later. Annotations (@NotNull) or XML configuration files can be used to express class constraints. OVal can optionally use AspectJ to enforce automatic validation (DbC)How to use: is in ...
August 12th 2013 Free    25,950k
PHFusion will convert ColdFusion code to working PHP code. It will allow sites written in ColdFusion to migrate to PHP with confidence that the change will be transparent to users.
August 12th 2013 Free     
PHP Persistence Manager
PHP Package to reduce the amount of code overhead and management caused by the need for database persistence. Written in the spirit of Java Hibernate, PPM is an attempt to take the best of Hibernate and make it available for ...
August 12th 2013 Free     
QR Contacts
This program will take a list of contacts, either as a tab delineated .txt file or input from a user. It will then export a html file with each contact having their own QR code image.
August 12th 2013 Free     
RID - Rapid Interface Builder
RID is a Drag'n'Drop GUI-Designer for FLTK, similar to FLUID.
August 12th 2013 Free     
SLR Parser generator that accepts a grammar and outputs a c-code that can be compiled either in linux or windows and the compiled executable can be used to parse the required grammar.
August 12th 2013 Free     
System Designer
System Designer is a software framework for domain specific languages based on model-driven generative programming. DSPE is one of the development environment based on System Designer. Audio n-Genie is a specialization of DSPE for the audio domain.
August 12th 2013 Free  2.5 stars 1,414k
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