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Grism allows you to easily track the evolution of stock prices through watchlists, portfolios and charts.You can observe stocks, ETFs, indices and mutual funds from every major stock market in the world. It is written in Ruby using ruby-gtk2.
May 21st 2012 Free     
The software is intended for fast development of
May 17th 2012 Free     
rbktoblzcheck is a small Ruby extension for Linux (written in C) that provides an interface for libktoblzcheck, a library to check German account numbers and bank codes.
May 17th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
IBiz Vital/TSYS Integrator 4.0b
IBiz Vital/TSYS Integrator (formerly IP*Works! CC Direct) includes Components for direct credit card authorization and transaction processing through Vital/TSYS a major Internet Payment Processor. Certified support for Retail, E-Commerce, Direct Marketing and Restaurant transactions. Highlights - Certified support for Retail, E-Commerce, Direct ...
May 16th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
A Ruby implementation of the QuickBooks SDK (QBXML) and the QuickBooks Merchant Services SDK (QBMSXML).
May 15th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
BookSoft is a comprehensive software especially made for Book Sellers & Publishers. It covers every aspect of a business like Billing, Multiple publishers Handling, ISBN Tracking,Payment Collections, Sales Performance, Stock reporting and Forecasting, MIS to check the daily activities and ...
May 12th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
Amazon & eBay Script
Amazon & eBay Script searches both Amazon and eBay at the same time using two side-by-side frames. Another feature this Amazon & eBay Price Comparison Script has, is that you can also add your own Amazon affiliate ID, so you ...
May 11th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
Currency Convertor
Currency Convertor program will convert any countries currency into any other countries currency.Also the program adds a 3.00 service charge for transaction.
May 8th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
ISO8583.rb is a Ruby library providing infrastructure for dealing with ISO 8583 Financial Transaction Messages.
May 8th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
It can be used to eliminate duplicate rules, search for rules, adding or modifying rules and properties.CSSPool provides a SAC interface for parsing CSS as well as a document oriented interface for parsing CSS. What's New in This Release: · ...
May 6th 2012 Free     
Open Source Tax Solver
OpenTaxSolver (OTS) is a free program for calculating Tax Form entries and tax-owed or refund-due, such as Federal or State personal income taxes. Two optional graphical front-ends exist, OTS_GUI and OTS_tclgui-0.0. TaxSolver has been updated for the most recent 2006 ...
May 6th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
Advanced Stock Tracking System
Advanced Stock Tracking System (AST) is a web-based application for keeping track of stocks. It features a portfolio with dividend tracking, worksheet to keep track of prospects, a stock comparison utility, a search engine for the stock market and an ...
April 27th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
Eqonomize! is a personal accounting software, with focus on efficiency and ease of use for the small household economy. Eqonomize! provides a complete solution, with bookkeeping by double entry and support for scheduled recurring transactions, security investments, and budgeting. It ...
April 27th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
JS Shoppe
JS Shoppe is a JavaScript-based Shopping Cart Generator that can create simple shopping carts for e-commerce websites. It asks for the quantity of products to be sold, the name of each product and the corresponding price. It generates an HTML ...
April 22nd 2012 Free     
Interactive Brokers TWS Ruby interface
This project is a Ruby implementation of the socket API for the Interactive Brokers' Trader WorkStation program , allowing it to be controlled from Ruby.
April 20th 2012 Free     
OAJ (OpenAccountingJ) is a free, open-source, web-based Accounting/ERP system. Built in Java using the best-of-breed Open Source components, such as Spring Framework, Acegi Security, Hibernate, Jasper Reports, XDoclet it offers a solid, customizable, secure platform for your business. Main Features ...
April 20th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
Bidwatcher is a free auction tool for eBay users.Features - Tracks your eBay listings and items that you have bid on. - Allows you to track auctions that you do not own and have not bid on. - Snipe tool ...
April 19th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
QHacc is a personal accounting program based on Qt. It includes double-or single-entry bookkeeping, a reconciliation window, and provides support for memorized and split transactions, graphing, reporting, archiving, and scheduled transactions that can be based on the account balance.
April 13th 2012 Free     
Bid monkey
Bid monkey is a command line / GUI tool that automatically bids on eBay auctions at the last possible moment ("sniping"). The bid monkey codebase is written in Python and the GUI is built with GTK2, allowing for cross-platform usage ...
April 9th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
Dacota is aiming to be a fully functional Ruby on Rails stock trading resource.Its prime function is modular and aims to provide extensive capability including: Import stock quotes, Transaction/Portfolio Mgmt, Technical analysis, Charting and more
April 9th 2012 Free     
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