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A Nagios plugin to monitor MySQL performance.
August 13th 2013 Free     
Completely Self-Contained Bug Database
A bug database that requires no additional software--no web server, no SQL database! Cross-platform (written in Java). Data-driven from a simple text file describing the fields you wish to use in your bug database. Perfect for small project teams.
August 13th 2013 Free    49k
Java tool for moving data between different databases using excel file. It also allows to copy the same table structure (with or without content) from one database type to another one. New database types can be added just by adding ...
August 13th 2013 Free     
FlightFeather Social Networking Platform
FlightFeather's goal is "social networking for everyone". This means that anyone should have a chance to run a popular social networking site -- on minimal hardware, and without wasting bandwidth.
August 13th 2013 Free  2.5 stars 40k
jUDO (Universal Data Objects)
jUDO (java Universal Data Objects) handles coding against a database Independent of database (plugins for db2/Oracle/Cloudscape/mysql/mysql etc).The code is generated "runtime" , just give the method names and jUDO derives the code/sql.
August 13th 2013 Free    534k
MultiXTpm Application Server
MultiXTpm Application Server is FREE SOFTWARE, It is a Message Oriented Middleware (MOM) and Transaction Processing (TP) Monitor. It provides the runtime environment and rich API for developing large, scalable distributed applications for OLTP.
August 13th 2013 Free    1,342k
OpenGBase is standalone relational database system that stores data in its own format. It consists of non- and visual components that allow fully manage with many data types. More description? Go to web site...
August 13th 2013 Free     
PosgresForest enables to build a PostgreSQL cluster system with replication and/or partitioning facilities by enhancing the PostgreSQL JDBC driver.
August 13th 2013 Free  2.5 stars 3,728k
Develop your enterprise RIA web applications simply as standalone application. J2EE web based framework. Just only Java and components -- all is simple. No HTML, no templates, no code generation, no JavaScript, no JSP, no EJB, and so on.
August 13th 2013 Free    1,416k
a php class library
A class library of phpmysqlodbcoraclejsmemcachedsmarty.
August 12th 2013 Free     
Anastasia is a SGML/XML publication tool which allows the processing and searching of large documents using tcl scripting.
August 12th 2013 Free    1,261k
DB2Object is a simple Java library and application that helps user manage databases and enables offline data manipulation.
August 12th 2013 Free     
GothiaCMS is an open source Ascent CMS
August 12th 2013 Free     
Java ME Object Persistence Framework
This projet try to develop an object persitence framework (MicroObject) for java me/MIDP, allowing password protection and data encryption.
August 12th 2013 Free     
JSF Forms
A library to help with the development of form-based applications using J2EE and JSF.
August 12th 2013 Free     
Jura XQuery Indexing Engine
Highly fast and scalable XQuery database engine supporting free-text search and relevance ranking over GBs of source XML.
August 12th 2013 Free  2.5 stars  
Mediawiki Pipes
The Mediawiki Pipes extension implements external data access and processing through a series of configurable nodes that form a Pipe. The net effect is to create a Wiki based application framework. See
August 12th 2013 Free    45k
PostMO is a database system which monitors moving object(for instance, cars) in cities. It can be used to monitor city traffic. It bases on PostGIS which has a lot of functions to operate geo. objects(such as streets).
August 12th 2013 Free  2.5 stars  
A Database Engine and Content Management System Server for the development of database systems; properly abstracting data and presentation, and providing extensibility through object classes, and onsite administration of content and dynamics.
August 12th 2013 Free     
RDBMS4C in memory database
C APINOSQLNo persistent data on discNon-transactionalOpen source (GPL)Dynamic tablesC data types for columnsForeign key supportPrimary, unique and normal indexesColumn and function based indexesCursors for DML and queryData safetyString supportVisit for more details!
August 12th 2013 Free    584k
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