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Tailoring Content Using XML and XSL
This paper will identify XML and XSLT as ideal tools for separating content and presentation, and show how these technologies can be used to overcome the inherent difficulties associated with the presentation of data to devices with limited capabilities.
November 28th 2005 Free     
Build XML Data-Driven Web Solutions
Learn how to build live XML data-driven Web solutions by editing and presenting live XML data on the Web, making the data available for easy, wide consumption. See how you can create Web pages with live views on XML data ...
November 28th 2005 Free     
Using XSLT for content management
This is the first installment of Working XML (a new column on developerWorks), a column with companion project code that demonstrates the evolution of full-fledged XML applications. In this column, author and software consultant Benoit Marchal introduces XM (XSLT Make), ...
November 23rd 2005 Free     
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