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Simple ASP CMS is useful to create websites in minutes. Ideal for novices with its creation of dynamic menus, pages and news. It provide Forum, Guestbook and other advanced features. It is totally Classic ASP Open Source product.
User reviews for Simple ASC CMS
Version: 1.2, 03/28/2017 09:16AM CEST
I always wanted to create a good looking website on my own and have been looking for a cms equipped with tools to create professional look websites like menus, forum, guest registration, comment etc. Simple ASC CMS has these all and I think as a free cms it offers the best.
- Mutfirmy
Version: 1.2, 03/25/2014 06:26PM CET
Been testing this script for awhile now, so far so good. It has some common features needed for making personal websites.
- Ricky
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