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RosarioSIS is a free & open source Student Information System designed for school management.

Its modules will let you manage Schools, Teachers & Students as well as their Schedules, Attendance, Grades, Discipline & Billing.

Generate PDF Report Cards, Timetables; consult Reports & Statistics to help you make the right decisions.

Last but not least, RosarioSIS is translated in spanish, french... and off...
User reviews for RosarioSIS
04/09/2017 11:18AM CEST
Maintains the record of students containing their details like attendance, grades, fees, also keeps the log of class schedules, teacher's records, the source code can be edited too if you need to.
- Eggert
01/13/2016 07:28PM CET
Simple but powerful features. Very easy to use. Good job.
- Kate
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